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Organic Seed Garlic - Boundary Garlic, BC, Canada

Growing organic seed garlic in British Columbia, Canada
Henry touring one of our fields
of organic seed garlic at
Boundary Garlic in Midway, BC

Boundary Garlic specializes in heritage garlic for seed. We sell by mail order across Canada. We sell only certified organic seed garlic that we have grown on our own property. Seed garlic is garlic which has been grown with meticulous attention to quality. We have had organic certification since 2004.

My husband Henry and I - Iím Sonia - began growing garlic on the ranch in 1999. The ranch is in the Boundary area in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. In the beginning we started with several heirloom cultivars. These flourished and now we have about 40 distinct strains of garlic in the ground at the garlic farm.

Our relationship with garlic is transforming into a conscious, mindful partnership. The more carefully we listen, the better we are able to meet the needs of the different garlics and to collaborate with them in their culture and dissemination.

What We Grow

The Canadian climate is particularly well suited to growing true hardneck garlic varieties. We have a large selection of cultivars (strains) of garlic from the five true hardneck varieties which thrive in our cold winters and moderately hot summers. We also have softneck garlics and ‘weakly bolting hardnecks’. For information on the changing face of garlic classification see the article by Bob Anderson on the Garlic Family Tree.

The varieties pages show the garlics available. There is a choice of cultivars from each of the five hardneck varieties: Rocambole, Porcelain, Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe and Glazed Purple Stripe; from the three weakly bolting hardnecks: Asiatic, Creole, and Turban, and from the softneck varieties Artichoke and Silverskin.

Many of our garlics are primarily for collectors and have limits of a few bulbs as the maximum you can order. There are also a number of garlics you can order in substantial amounts, all of which we would recommend to growers anywhere in Canada. These include the Porcelains: Leningrad, Music, Northern Québec, Romanian Red, Susan Delafield, and Yugoslavian; the standard Purple Stripes: Chesnok Red,  and Persian Star; and the Marbled Purple Stripes: Khabar, Kostyn's Red Russian, Metechi (Red Russian), and Wenger's Red Russian.

In 2011 we installed an online shopping cart with PayPal or credit card payment. This is now our primary outlet for selling garlic and takes precedence over orders placed through the office. The shopping cart opens about the third week in August. There is more about ordering on the ordering page. The limits for each cultivar will be on the garlic varieties pages. We adjust these numbers following grading of the garlic after harvest.


We grew many of these strains up originally from bulbils and we are constantly refreshing our stock by growing from bulbils. Almost all the hardneck cultivars we have for sale this year were refreshed from 2015 bulbils and have now reached full size.

Growing bulbils is an excellent way to develop your planting stock. It is economical and in the years it takes for bulbs to reach their full potential the garlic strains adapt to your particular growing conditions. For more information on growing from bulbils go to our bulbils page.See also our growing Rocamboles from bulbils page. For more of Henry's pictures of bulbils and of our experience growing bulbils visit his photo gallery.


Bulbils of the Marbled Purple Stripe,
Bulbils of the Porcelain,
Susan Delafield
Bulbils of the Rocambole,
Korean Purple
want to see more pics of garlic? visit Henry's gallery


Garlic is really easy to grow in the home garden. We have lots of tips for growing our gourmet garlic. If you donít find the answers to your questions on this website, please feel free to email us for help in producing superlative garlic bulbs.

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What's New?


Red Russian garlic

Red Russian garlic is extremely popular in British Columbia. The name applies to many different garlics, usually of the Marbled Purple Stripe variety. We have a number of strains of Red Russian and they did exceptionally well here this year. The well-loved Kostyn's Red Russian is now on sale at $28 a pound.

Great Northern Porcelain

When Al Picketts, a PEI garlic collector, sent us Great Northern a few years ago he told us to guard it with our lives as it so spectacular. It has taken us a few years to multiply up our stock of this Porcelain. This year its performance has been outstanding - and we like the taste too!

Marbleds by the pound

This was a very good year for the Marbled Purple Stripe garlics. There is an abundance of medium size and small bulbs which are now on sale at $25 and $18 a pound respectively. There are also some seconds at $12 a pound; read the descriptions in the shopping cart to see what we mean by 'seconds' for this variety.

Creole Adventure

The Creoles are such a treat they are worth the challenge of growing them outside their natural habitat. Rose de Lautrec has a delicate flavour and is Sonia's favourite raw garlic. Burgundy is intesely delicious and Henry loves it in butter on anything.


We have simplified our ordering and pricing. Please see the ordering page for details.

Norwegian Creek Farm
Henry's brother Len has started a second garlic business on the family farm. Check out Norwegian Creek Farm to see what they have to offer.

Information en français
La liste des variétés est disponible aux pages Web et aussi les renseignements pour commander l'ail.

Garlic for Health
Our friend Lalitha has written an amazing handbook of practical herbal wisdom. 10 Essential Herbs is the herb book I have been waiting for all my life without knowing it. Garlic is, of course, one of the ten essential herbs and many of the others are equally well known, safe and easy to use. Lalitha give clear instructions for how to use them, and when not to, plus lots of ancecdotes from her personal experience that encourage one to begin right away. Order from the author.

The Garlic News
The Garlic News comes out four times a year. Thereís a wealth of garlic tips, reports, marketing ideas and news packed into every issue. Subscription information is available here.

Feature Article
We are delighted to present a fascinating article on True Seeds in Garlic by Dr. Rina Kamenetsky.

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