gourmet organic seed garlic

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History of the Caron Ranch


Boundary Garlic is located on the Caron Ranch in the Boundary area of British Columbia, between the Okanagan Valley and the Kootenays. The ranch land has been in the Caron family for more than a century and is still important to the extended Caron family. Going to the ranch for horseback riding and to help with the haying are childhood memories all the Caron cousins share.

Xavier Caron, Henry's father, was born on the ranch and raised cattle all his life. Henry returned thirty some years ago to help out and gradually took over running the farm. Garlic has replaced cattle as the main agricultural product.

The land that has been certified organic includes fields that were part of a Chinese market garden about a hundred years ago, in the Boundary area's mining heyday. Seed potatoes grown here attracted buyers from the Okanagan, a two-day buggy ride away (now only an hour's drive by car).

Henry (on left) with brothers John and Mike and cousin Doug
leaning against the old farm house

Cousins visiting the ranch


Boundary Garlic