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Ordering Seed Garlic - Canada Only

Garlic for sale in Canada only




We provide seed garlic bulbs for Canadian farms and gardens. We do not export garlic.


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Our garlic is cured sufficiently to allow it to be shipped in sealed boxes across Canada by Canada Post for planting in the fall. It is drier than one would choose to make it for keeping through the winter.

We advise against trying to keep it for eating or planting in the spring.

Selling and Pricing Structure

There is a high demand for our garlic. In order to share our garlic as fairly as possible, all our garlics have upper limits on the number of bulbs that can be purchased in a single order. These will be shown on our garlic varieties pages as soon as we have estimates of availability. See the links in the left hand column.


The goal of our pricing structure is two-fold:

– to make available a full selection of cultivars, including some from each of the ten varieties of garlic, to   gardeners and collectors, and

– to make available excellent foundation stock of garlics that thrive in Canada for commercial growers   so that they can grow up their own seed stocks over a few years.


Collectors Garlics

What we call 'Collectors Garlics' are either varieties that it is challenging for us to grow on our zone 4 property or cultivars of our main varieties that we grow in small quantities. The price for Collectors Garlic is $6 per bulb regardless of the number of bulbs. The limits will be shown on the varieties pages.

Some collectors varieties and strains are naturally small in our location. They may size up in more suitable climates. If some of these bulbs are even smaller than we like to sell as full sized we will add bonus bulbs to make up the value.

Commercial Garlics

The basic price for our full-sized commercial garlics is $4.50 per bulb for 7 bulbs or more. The higher prices given below apply to smaller quantities of a strain/cultivar.

The Porcelain and various Purple Stripe varieties of garlic may come in three sizes. Full size means there are 6 to 9 bulbs in a pound. Extra large means there are fewer than 6 bulbs in a pound. Medium means there are 10 to 12 bulbs to a pound.  A few of the commercial garlics have a category called bulk full-sized which allows us to sell larger quantities to early customers at our bulk garlic sales cart opening and still hold some back for later customers at our general garlic sales and collectors garlic cart opening.

Price Summary for Most Porcelains and Purples


7 or more bulbs of a cultivar $4.50 per bulb
5 or 6 bulbs of a cultivar $5.00 per bulb
3 or 4 bulbs of a cultivar $5.50 per bulb
1 or 2 bulbs of a cultivar $6.00 per bulb
Extra large bulbs $6.50 per bulb
Medium bulbs $3.00 per bulb
Small bulbs $2.00 per bulb


Garlics may appear several times in the shopping cart and each appearance has its own limit. For example:

- Full Size with a limit of 10 and a price of $4.50 per bulb if 7 or more are ordered.

- Extra Large with a limit of 5 and a price of $6.50 per bulb

- Medium with a limit of 50 and a price of $3.00 per bulb

- Bulk full size with a limit of 50 and a price of $4.50 per bulb for 7 or more bulbs.

Someone who was wanting to get the maximum possible of this imaginary cultivar could get 5 Extra Large, 50 Bulk full size, 10 Full Size and 50 Medium - a total of 115 bulbs for $452.50. By putting a substantial amount of our inventory in the 'Full Size' category we ensure that a lot of gardeners will have a chance to get a few bulbs of the commercial varieties.

Sales Primarily Through Shopping Cart


We are now taking orders for seconds through the office. We sell seconds by the pound. They have cosmetic damage or fewer cloves or are smaller than our mediums.

Shipping Dates


We begin shipping about the middle of September.

Place your orders early while we still have a good selection. We are generally sold out of most garlics before we begin shipping.



Ordering is Easy - Shopping Cart Opens late August


Online: Our online shopping cart has secure payment through the PayPal website. You may pay by credit card - you do not need a PayPal account. The store parallels our garlic varieties pages. You can see what we are selling by visiting these pages - see links on the menu to the right.

Through the office: There will be a very limited stock of garlic held back for orders through the office. We encourage everyone to use the shopping cart to get the best selection. We no longer send out a printed catalogue. Nor do we make a printable catalogue available online.

          Shopping cart opens in August

For Online Ordering - Click Here

Discuss Your Choices by Contacting the Office


We are happy to discuss your order with you before you place it through the shopping cart. Contact us by phone or email. Call 250-449-2152 between 8 am to 6 pm Pacific time Monday through Saturday or email sonia@garlicfarm.ca anytime.


In case we are out of the strain of garlic you have ordered we will try to contact you to determine whether you prefer a refund or a substitute. We will try our best not to need to substitute. However, surprises happen.
If you are not satisfied with the garlic when you receive it please contact us immediately so that we can do what is necessary. Call us collect at 250-449-2152.

Garlic Prices by the bulb - Canadian Dollars - Canada only


                  See Selling and Pricing Structure above.

Canadian 2017 Shipping and Handling Charge for Bulbs


There is a shipping and handling (S&H) charge on all orders, including pick-ups. We use Canada Post and we normally ship by land by Expedited Parcel. Below are our normal shipping charges.



British Columbia






Elsewhere in Canada


If you place more than one order on the shopping cart you will be charged S&H each time. Notify us if you have paid twice and we will reverse one of the shipping charges (unless you have exceeded the maximum per order for a cultivar.)

Printable List

A printable list will be available before the cart opens. It has the names of the garlics we will have for sale with the limits we expect to have in place. These may be changed at the last minute when we assess the harvest just before the cart opens.There is no longer an order form available online as we encourage everyone to use the shopping cart.

        Shopping cart opens in August

For online ordering - Click here
Online Ordering - Click Here




Shopping Cart Reopens August 2018

If you want to be put on our emailing list for notification of the 2016 cart opening send an email with "Cart Open Date" in the subject line to



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