gourmet organic seed garlic

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Organic Certification


We are certified under the BC Certified Organic Program. In 2004 we completed the lengthy process of obtaining organic certification for the fields where we grow garlic. In 2009 we became compliant with the National Standards of the Canada Organic Regime.

Organic certification applies to the land. The purpose is to:

  • provide the best food possible
  • improve the vitality of the soil
  • protect and restore the quality of the natural environment.

In addition to avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic farmers take great care to avoid using genetically modified organisms (GMO's).

In British Columbia a three year transition period may be required to change from conventional agriculture to certified organic. This time allows the soil to be built up and chemical inputs to be broken down. If there have been no prohibited inputs, such as manufactured chemical fertilizers and pesticides, in the last three years, then the land can enter the organic certification process at the third year of the transition process. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides had been used on our land in the previous ten years and so we were in Transition 3 in 2003 and became fully Certified Organic in 2004.

PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society) is our certifying agency accredited by the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC). COABC is the Administrator of the Organic Regulations under the Agri-Food Choice and Quality Act of British Columbia.

With over thirty cultivated acres in the certification program, we are able to move the garlic onto new ground, which has never grown plants in the garlic family before, each year for many years. This is a great advantage for a seed garlic producer as it minimizes the risk of pests and diseases. The land that is not in garlic is in hay fields and green manure crops.

Organic garlic in British Columbia